Explore where it all began, interviews with retro hackers, the pioneers and forefathers of yesteryear. The true old school hackers amongst our societies have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We will dive into fascinating stories that made hacker history.

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The history of Jindrich Karasek

June 2024 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Jindrich Krasek. We hear about how Jindrich's journey started out as a medical researcher. He had to hack a machine he was using to make it work in new ways, and that experience hooked him as a hacker. He starts out with social engineering to get his foot in the […]

The history of HD Moore

June 2024 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with HD Moore. We hear about his story when he was young and making hardware work that probably shouldn't have worked. His shenanigans in the days of IRC and warez, and how that led its way into the Metasploit project. The impact of Metasploit cannot be understated. The world in the […]

The history of Paul Asadoorian

May 2024 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Paul Asadoorian and learn about his journey. Paul starts out with an Apple II, BASIC, and Pascal as a youth, then finds himself picking up UNIX and Linux, working at a university on amazing projects, and find himself in the world of security. We hear about Paul's days at Tenable, […]

The history of Emily Fox

April 2024 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Emily Fox. We hear about Emily's history in the US Federal Government where she got a start in technology. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from working in the public sector. Then on to Apple and finally landing at Red Hat. Emily does a ton of amazing […]

The history of Rob 'CmdrTaco' Malda

October 2023 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Rob 'CmdrTaco' Malda. Rob tells us all about how he created Slashdot back in the day. Rob's story is full of amazing twists and turns. He started one of the most influential websites ever created while in college and it grew into being an amazing community. Rob gives us a […]
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