Explore where it all began, interviews with retro hackers, the pioneers and forefathers of yesteryear. The true old school hackers amongst our societies have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We will dive into fascinating stories that made hacker history.

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Our Recent Episodes

The History of Wolfgang Goerlich

May 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Wolfgang Goerlich. We learn about the importance of having root and admin when becoming a hacker and how truly important it is that we have patience and empathy for one another. We also learn that skateboarding in a datacenter doesn't actually work. Wolf's Twitter War Games bottlecap

The history of Bitterman

May 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Bitterman. We start our story with computer classes at school. We learn about Bitterman's many hacks to solve problems, and we learn about how Bitterman became a creator of hacker puzzles that we now see at conferences. While he claims multiple times he's not a hacker, we learn that this […]

The history of Simple Nomad

April 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Mark Loveless AKA Simple Nomad. We start our story by buying a bluebox from Woz and Steve Jobs. Mark picks up his handle from the supernatural. We learn of the time scanned the IP space of China to test a security scanner and gain some unwanted attention. Show Notes Simple […]

The history of Paul Wouters

April 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Paul to discuss his hacker story. It starts with a home built Apple II clone in the Netherlands. We talk about some shenanigans during the university led to lessons about showing compassion to our fellow hackers. Paul even tells about the time he stood up to Scientology while running an […]

The history of Carfucar

March 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Carfucar to talk about the history of car hacking. Carfucar was the co-founder of the Car Hacking Village and was one of the pioneers in the world of car hacking. We talk about how Carfucar got into hacking cars, what the early days looked like, and what car hacking looks […]

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