Explore where it all began, interviews with retro hackers, the pioneers and forefathers of yesteryear. The true old school hackers amongst our societies have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We will dive into fascinating stories that made hacker history.

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Our Recent Episodes

The history of Casey Ellis

March 2022 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Casey Ellis, the founder and chairman of Bugcrowd and co founder of disclose.io project. Casey talks about his history with technology, how he hosted a TV show at one point, and how his career got started. There are some incredible lessons for us around starting a company and working in […]

The history of Brian Proffitt

December 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Brian Proffitt to discuss his journey from tech journalist to community organizer. Brian was an author and journalist during the birthing pangs of Linux and open source. He reminds us of such events as the SCO lawsuit, IBM investing in Linux, the early days of internet journalism and his eventual […]

The history of Dick Morrell

November 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Dick Morrell to discuss the history of many many things. Dick started in the UK working on a lot of different computing systems until he found open source. He went on to work with Linuxcare, co-founded Smoothwall, and worked at Red Hat to name just a few. It's an amazing […]

The history of Gianluca Varisco

October 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Gianluca Varisco and learns about his story. He started out in 90s working on micro computers. We learn how he got into security, started an ISP. Learned about Linux and open source. Eventually lands at Red Hat, gets into encrypted VOIP in the very early days. Gianluca spends time in […]

The history of Greg Ferro

September 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Greg Ferro AKA EtherealMind. We learn how Greg started his podcast and blogging empire back before most people even know what podcasting and blogging was. We learn about the early days of networking, Netware vs SCO. working with dictaphones at a law office. Show Notes Greg's Twitter Packet Pushers Greg's […]

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