Explore where it all began, interviews with retro hackers, the pioneers and forefathers of yesteryear. The true old school hackers amongst our societies have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We will dive into fascinating stories that made hacker history.

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The history of Paul Wouters

April 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Paul to discuss his hacker story. It starts with a home built Apple II clone in the Netherlands. We talk about some shenanigans during the university led to lessons about showing compassion to our fellow hackers. Paul even tells about the time he stood up to Scientology while running an […]

The history of Carfucar

March 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Carfucar to talk about the history of car hacking. Carfucar was the co-founder of the Car Hacking Village and was one of the pioneers in the world of car hacking. We talk about how Carfucar got into hacking cars, what the early days looked like, and what car hacking looks […]

The history of Bill Degnan

March 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with Bill Degnan to talk about how he got into computers. Bill started out as as an ice cream man and ended up owning a vintage computer museum. Come for the ice cream, stay for the stories! Show Notes Bill Degnan Degnan Co. Consulting Kennett Classic vintagecomputer.net

The history of D1g1t4l_T3mpl4r

March 2021 / Josh Bressers /
Hacker History sits down with D1g1t4l_T3mpl4r to discuss his hacker story. We learn about how D1g1t4l_T3mpl4r got into hacking, what it was like for a Midwestern hacker in the late 80s and early 90s. We discuss phreaking, hacking, hardware, phones, culture, a message for the newest hackers among us, and more. Cyphercon presentation
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